English Menu

11:30 am - 5:00 pm


Feast over again! | Broodje smullen maar weer!
North African round bread, warm roulade, onions, mushrooms, an egg and warm peanut satay sauce | 9.00

Baguette Tok Tok | Broodje Tok Tok!
Stone baked bread, fried hot chicken strips, arugula lettuce, mustard dressing, mushrooms, onion, pepper and bacon | 10.00

Club sandwich | Club sandwich
Delicious mill bread,mixed lettuce, smoked chicken, bacon, tomato, cucumber, egg and curry mayonnaise | 10.00

Carpaccio baguette | Stokbroodje carpaccio
Crispy baguette , carpaccio (thinly cut steak), arugula lettuce, tomatoes, pine nuts and truffle dressing | 10.00

Grilled cheese sandwich (with ham) | Tosti ham / kaas

Grilled cheese sandwich Hawaii (with pineapple) | Tosti Hawaii

Twelve o'clock | Twaalfuurtje
Soup of choice, mini black angus croquette sandwich, mini smoked salmon sandwich and a mini carpaccio (thinly cut steak) sandwich | 13.00

Lunch plate (starting from 2 people) | Lunch Plank
Carpaccio (thinly cut steak ), Soup of choice, Hot chicken, Various types of bread and Scrambled eggs | 15.50 p.p.


Vegetarian burger | Vegetarische burger
A delicious crispy fried vegetarian burger , salad, cucumber, tomato, tartar sauce and fries with mayonnaise | 11.00

Big Goudreinet burger | Big Goudreinet burger
An Aberdeen Angus (black angus) burger , fries and mayonnaise | 13.00

XL Barneveld chicken burger | XL Barneveldse kopburger
Crispy chicken burger served with fries and mayonnaise | 13.00

Egg Dishes

Dutch omelette | Hollandse omelet
With ham / cheese and mushrooms | 8.50

Farmers omelette | Boeren omelet
With fresh vegetables and bacon | 10.00

Triple fried egg on toast with ham and cheese | Uitsmijter ham/kaas
Two slices white or brown bread, three fried eggs and ham and cheese | 8.50

Tripple fried egg with carpaccio | Uitsmijter Carpaccio
Two slices white or brown bread, three eggs, carpaccio (thinly cut steak), arugula and parmesan cheese | 9.50

Tripple fried egg Goudreinet | Uitsmijter Goudreinet
Three slices white or brown bread, three eggs, ham, cheese, carpaccio( thinly cut steak) and a scoop of hussars salad
salad | 11.00

Fried egg three in a row | Uitsmijter 3 op een rij
Three slices spelt bread, three eggs on top, with bacon, old cheese and salmon | 11.50


Steak salad | biefstuk salade

lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber and grilled steak with toast | €15.50

Spakenburg salad | Spakenburgse salade

lettuce, eel fish, shrimps, smoked trout, smoked mackerel and cocktail sauce | €15.50

Russian egg salad | Russisch ei salade | 13.50

11:30 am - 9:30 pm


Barneveld chicken soup | Barneveldse kippensoep
Clear soup with chicken and broht | 5.50

Creamy tomato soup | Tomatensoep
With a touch of cream | 6.50

Vegetable soup | Groentesoep
Double drawn | 6.50

Mushroom soup | Champignonsoep
With a touch of cream | 6.50

Mini spring rolls (V) | Vegetarische loempia's
Mini vegetable spring rolls, iceberg lettuce and chili sauce | 8.50

Oven goat cheese (V) | Geitenkaas uit de oven
Fresh salad , warm goat cheese from the oven, honey, roasted walnuts, cherry tomatoes and pickle | 11.00

Carpaccio Original | Carpaccio Original
Thinly sliced tenderloin, lettuce, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, roasted pine nuts and a truffle mayonnaise | 11.50

Taste it all! | Proeverij
Consisting of: Beef carpaccio(thinly cut steak), smoked salmon and a Dutch shrimp cocktail | 15.50

Parma ham with melon | Parmaham met meloen

Mushrooms with toast | Champignons met toast
Fried mushrooms, onion, pepper, bacon and warm garlic sauce on toast from sourdough bread | 10.50

V= available vegetarian

Main course
With all our main courses you can ufinitly use the salad bar

XL Pork tenderloin on a stick | XL Varkenshaassate
With peanut satay sauce, french fries, fried onions and mayonnaise | 17.50

Wok Wrap (V) | Wok Wrap (V)
Wrap of fresh wok fried vegetables with cream cheese, couscous and cold sauces | 18.00

Noodles with wok vegetables (V) | Noedels met wokgroenten
Pasta,vegetables with cream and parmesan cheese | 18.00

Wienerschnitzel | Wienerschnitzel
traditionally with a lemon slice | 18.50

Steak from the cow| Biefstuk van 't koetje
Steak Tenderloin served with gravy | 24.00

Sliced steak | Wiener Rostbraten |
Sliced beef tenderloin with fried onion rings and stroganoff sauce | 25.00

Veal steak | Kalfsbiefstuk
served with pepper sauce | 25.00

Pork tenderloin with cream sauce | Varkenshaas Roomsaus
Grilled pork tenderloin, mushroom cream sauce | 23.50

Beef Liver | Ouderwetse runderlever
Liver with fried bacon and onions | 20.00

Barneveld schnitzel | Barneveldse Schnitzel
With fried mushrooms, onion, bacon and pepper, au gratin with cheese and accompanied with a Stroganoff sauce | 24.50

Grandmothers Threaded meat | Grootmoeders draadjesvlees
Slowly cooked stew with onion, mushrooms, peppers, and bacon | 21.00

1/2 chicken | Halve kip
Half a chicken , fries and cold sauces | 19.50

Smokey "No" ribs | Smokey "No" ribs
Spare ribs without any bones ! (250 grams), fries and two cold sauces | 24.50

Kids menu
French fries with frikandel/kroket (Dutch fried snacks) or chicken nuggets | 6.50

V = available vegetarian


11:30 am - 9:30 pm

Rum raisins | Boerenjongens
With ice cream and whipped cream | 6.50

Hot cherrie | Warme kersen
With ice cream and whipped cream | 6.50

Hot chocolate sauce | Chocoladesaus
With ice cream and whipped cream | 6.50

Caramel | Karamel
With ice cream and whipped cream | 6.50

Eggnog | Advocaat
With ice cream and whipped cream | 6.50

Caprizzio | Caprizzio
Vanilla ice cream filled with caramel sauce, covered with crispy white chocolate, chopped nuts and whipped cream | 8.00

Sweet couple | Zoete Duo
Macaron filled with vanilla ice cream and a glass of Monchou, forest fruit coulis and Bastogne crumble | 9.20

Home-made sorbet | Sorbet van 't huis
Freshly whipped ice cream with strawberry ice cream, fruit and strawberry sauce | 7.50

Bastogne dessert | Bastogne Dessert
Bastogne cake crumble with Monchou, red currant coulis and whipped cream | 7.30

Sweet peanut cookies | Kletskoppen
Turrets of '' kletskoppen '' with cinnamon ice cream, whipped cream | 7.90

Children's surprise cup | Kinder verassingsbeker
Freshly whipped ice cream in a surprise cup, you can take the cup with you! | 4.50

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